Miss America’s Stripped For “Cheating,” But She Won’t Give Up Without A Fight !

Jul 27, 2017 @ 12:35 AM By Nidhi Sharma

Just imagine the day when your all-time dream has finally come true and you are being so overwhelmed that all your hard work, as well as dedication, paid you off. You feel on the top of the world. And then just a few days later after you have accomplished your dreams, everything is taken away from you. How would you feel? Same happened to Genesis Davila. 

1) She was on a cloud 9 after winning Miss Florida USA 2017, unfortunately, that didn’t last long.

On July 16, 2016, she was conferred with the crown and title only to have them taken away six days later for contravening the rules. Together with her crown, title, and banner, she even lost a three-week tour to Miss USA 2017, and an endorsement and appearances money worth about $100,000.

2) The pageant’s Executive Director Grant Gravitt alleged that she broke the guidelines by using an expert hair and makeup artist at the time of the contest.

“We have a zero-forbearance policy on rules,” Gravitt expressed ABC Local 10. “Whether it’s something major or minor, it’s all about keeping an equality and level field. Regrettably, our title holder pursued a biased competitive advantage and that’s just not acceptable in our system.” (sic)

3) Gravitt alleged that there were 30 to 40 objections from other contestants and that there were spectators who confirmed their statements.

He further added there were two Instagram photos on Davila’s account that designated that she had assisted with her makeup. Davila’s lawyers, nevertheless, said the photos were from a week before the competition.

4) “She made an unfortunate life choice,” held Gravitt. “We ultimately had considerable proof to associate her and her purveyors to her room on an evening which they were not permitted.”(sic)

Linette De Los Santos, Miss Sunny Isles Beach USA, would believe that the crown by default. Davila said she got well aware that her crown had been taken away from her when she saw a Facebook post of the runner-up given her title.


5) According to the Miami Herald, Davila has filed a $15 million lawsuit against the possessors of the Miss Florida USA pageant to seek out compensations for denouncement.

“I am above suspicion,” Davila said disconsolately. “All these fabricated accusations have taken me utterly by surprise. I am truthful and hardworking.” (sic)

6) The lawsuit also assumed that the pageant directors blamed Davila, who was Miss World Puerto Rico in 2014, of not being an American citizen.

In response, Gravitt fired back saying that Davila was also seen in the hotel lobby the night before the show which is also a guideline desecration and that she also got her nails done skillfully.

7) In face of the lawsuit, the pageant’s verdict stood and the lawsuit was terminated in October under terms that are private, the Miami Herald told to the leading newspaper.

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