Tyga: ‘I’m Not In Love’ With Kylie Jenner Anymore !

Jul 22, 2017 @ 07:42 AM By Nidhi Sharma

Lately, there has been a lot of scuttlebutt about Tyga and Kylie Jenner relationship hitting a rough patch. Fans were wondering if Kylie and her boyfriend will be rekindling their love this time around and will they be seeing them together in 2017. However, it is being officially announced that Tyga is done with Kylie Jenner.The rapper came forward to speak openly about his break up with the Lip Kit originator during an interview with The Breakfast Club on Thursday, July 20.“I have affection for her but I'm not in love with her no further,” alleged 27-year-old Tyga, who was dating Jenner now and then for years.

1) The duo was nearly always together during their relationship, called it quits months ago, he further told in the interview.

“That is the honeymoon phase, you get with anyone, like, for the initial year, you feel like it is a magic,” Tyga explicated of their earlier fascination with each other. “And after that, you get to understand the passage of time that is just nothing but a bunch of s--t.”

2) As per Tyga, Jenner is pretty young and not mature enough which had been the prime factor behind their split.

“I think the main thing was loads of folks — a lot of outside impacts — and … she is quite younger than me and she is coping with discernment. I'm older so I can sort out perception,” Tyga explained. “But for her, growing up how she grew up, image and discernment were everything."


3) When enquired if they’d get back together, Tyga confessed he doesn’t see a future with the 19-year-old in harmony with the Kardashians star.

"It's not for me, bro," he clearly admitted. "I mean, when it was good, it was good. When it was bad, it was really bad." (sic)

4) The Rack City rapper doesn’t hold any hard feelings against Jenner and has no problems with the fact that she is now dating Travis Scott, whom she first nipped out at Coachella in April.

"I don't feel any type of way," he disclosed. "I and Jenner had been not in a relationship with each other for like seven months. He thinks he is not on the wrong side. I don't have hard feelings for her."