Take A Look at These Wedding Pictures That are Biggest Failures

Jul 18, 2017 @ 07:09 AM By Damandeep Kaur

No one can deny the fact that wedding day is the most special day for all the couples and they try their best to look perfect. It is the grand day when you can show your commitment to the world and for that many people opt for different ways to make their wedding unique. Everyone click pictures and record videos so that the wedding is relieved in their hearts forever. But every time it is not important that pictures will be perfect, as there are some fails of a wedding which they will also remember forever without the recordings.  

1) So Hilarious! See What he Has Got as an Achievement!

2) Big Fail!

3) Unforgettable Wedding Dance Ever

4) Murder after Wedding But Thanks to Camera!

5) Don't Know Why The Priest Doesn't Look Happy


6) Bad Photoshop Fail Ever

7) When Chicken is Replaced by Flowers!

8) It Seems that This Baby is Pissed with This Marriage

Seems like he did not want his dad to get married to the *stranger* lady, right? and so he showed the finger.

9) What The Hell is This?

Ohh no! don't do this

10) The Most Awkward Moment Ever!