10 Makeup Techniques That Will Make You More Attractive

Jul 18, 2017 @ 06:23 AM By Damandeep Kaur

 When it comes to makeup it needs to be perfect as wrong makeup can make you look weird instead of beautiful. Everybody can’t be perfect in makeup and to achieve good makeup you need to learn certain makeup techniques. Not all makeup hacks are useful you will get on the web, as there are some that are very tough to do. But, here we are sharing some unique makeup hacks that are scientifically proven and effective. So, let’s take a look!

1) Always Use Dark Eye shadow to Create Depth

Always pick a touch of dark eyeshadow toward the outer corners of your eyes as it can add incredible depth and drama with just a little effort. This is a perfect look that will make your eyes look more appealing. Use your different brushes and pencils to gain the desired effect.

2) Thick Eyebrows Are Always in Trend

Don't use the tweezers every week as the thick eyebrows are in fashion. If you are not blessed with thick eyebrows then pick eyebrow pencil to make it defined.


3) Highlight Your Cupid's Bow

Make your lips look highlighted by highlighting your cupid's bow and the center of your bottom lip. It will give an instant volume and voluptuousness!

4) For more amazing effective makeup tips, take a look at this video