4 Proven Ways to Beat a Weight-Loss

Jul 17, 2017 @ 06:27 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Once in a life time, most of us have to deal with weight loss and that’s true. Most of the time we work hard to get faster results, keep a watch on our calories and feel good when we get desired results. But, after a certain time there comes a phase when suddenly we just stuck and feel we are not losing anymore and that is the time when we become frustrated.   

It does not matter what type of exercise or diet you are following if you are not losing more. You are not aware but you are making mistakes about which you do not have any clue. So, this post is for those whose weight got stuck and they are trying hard to get a low number on the scale. So let’s take a look, what makes us not losing weight and what mistakes we are making while our weight loss journey? 

1) Why You Are Not Able to Lose Weight?

When we begin with our weight-loss journey, we are so damn excited to bring in those positive changes in our life. But the fact is after some weeks that passion and self-control begin to lessen. Let’s face the reality: It’s tough to be excited and zealous to work out and eat right daily. Yet, it does take that kind of psychological and physical pledge to shed those extra pounds. Ask yourself are you eating things that you must be avoiding? Or are you trying to get a weight that’s just too low for your height and body type?

2) First of All Outline Your Goals

It actually helps when you write down what you exactly want and how fast you need to lose weight. Writing your weight loss progress and calories intake helps you to stay motivated.

3) Switch Things Up.

Do you know that our body is very smart and it adapts everything we do? So if you will follow same work out routine daily then you won't be able to see desired results. Don't do the same thing in your work out routine and always try something new in your gym.


4) Don't Set Long Term Goals

Do not set long terms goal like as your birthday is 6 months later, so you want to lose in 6 months. You won't be able to to get the desired result in a long time. For faster result, you need to set short term goals and work hard in that span of time.

5) Keep Watching Your Calories Intake

If you think that with exercise only you will be able to lose weight then you are doing wrong. Always make sure that you are eating the right amount of calories and you are not eating anything unhealthy. If you will not eating required calories then instead of losing you may gain weight, which is why it is always suggested to eat in small gaps and small portions. If you ever feel that you are not losing anymore read these points and see why you are lacking and what mistakes you are making in your weight loss journey. These are the most 4 common mistakes people make while losing weight. And don’t get disheartened if you are not doing good on the weighing scale, as it is just a number. It may be possible that you are not losing weight but losing inches or fat. So always stay positive, have faith in yourself and keep trying, as it always feels confident when you lose weight.