Easy And Fabulous Step-By-Step Hair Tutorials To Try

Jul 14, 2017 @ 07:34 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Only true fashionistas will understand the value of messy hairstyles these days, as they are so much in trend and look super cool. Even if you don’t have time to rinse out hairs, you just need to dip brush in some baby powder and make a messy hairstyle to create a cool look! This post is for those who are bored of their regular hairstyles and want to try something new.

Each of these hairstyles is super cool, pretty and easy to do. I think that even the first timers can achieve this look without any issue.  Are you running out of time? Still, you wanna look elegant? Let’s take a glance at these pictures and pull up some ideas for super cool hairstyles. So here are many hairstyles, you just need to pick a hairstyle that will go with your face. Enjoy the amazing fashionable tutorial ever!

1) Topsy Fishtail Braid

Do you like fishtail hairstyles? If yes you will find it super cool, you just need to add a little twist and topsy ponytails combine to make a huge and versatile style, perfect for any event!

2) Lazy Cozy Hairstyles

Here are lazy cozy hairstyles which can give you instant glamor look by just twisting and rolling your hairs up. These hairstyles are perfect for the winters, and these hairstyles will go with every occasion whether it is college or a date with your partner.

3) Half-Up Bun Hair

No need to explain it is very easy just pulls up your front hairs train s and tie them into a bun. It is great for any occasion whether you are going for shopping or an evening party carries it with an amazing attitude.

4) Rope Braid Updo

Very easy and quick hairstyle as you just needs to pick your braids upside and make a crown. These kinds of hairstyles are perfect for any date or wedding party. You can pair it up with the beautiful maxi gown.


5) Braid Embellished Rosette Bun

This braid embellished rosette bun is a kind of feminine hairstyle as it will make you feel like a princess and you will feel like a fairy tale. It is super elegant and classy and it will make you look stunning in the evening event.

6) Pull Through Bun

Forget about that old round bun and try to pull through bun as it is new, classy and in trend these days. It might look difficult at first, however, it is really pretty simple when you get the cling of it. Try it out and amaze your friends with your stylish new hairstyle.

7) The Double Dutch Braid Bun

Now decorate your bun with your own braids and what can be more beautiful than that? It is very easy and cool you just need to combine your braids with your bun. The best part is you can choose braid of your choices like one French, one Dutch, or even a twist and also a Dutch braid, as well as put a fishtail in there. The options are numerous!

8) How to do French Twist

The French twist is one of the hairstyles that look very tough to make, but in reality, it is amazingly easy. Create this chic-yet-casual French twist at home within just 5 easy steps.