This Pregnant Chick Texts The Wrong Person and Get Trolled! Hilarious Chat Ever!

Apr 18, 2017 @ 07:35 AM By Mala Nangia Nangia

When you get on a phone it is a common error that by mistake you call or text a wrong person. Generally the confusion of talking or texting gets sorted in a matter of few seconds. But have you ever been in a situation where you were trolled for contacting wrong person, no right- who would do that?

Unless someone has a lot of time and wants to tease the person on the other side. A woman text another woman assuming that she is the girlfriend of the man who has made her pregnant. The man’s name is Sam and this girl when she receives a text from the pregnant woman trolls her hours. Instead of clarifying the confusion, the woman drags the conversation. This woman is too funny, scroll over to see how she makes fun of the pregnant woman: 

1) The Pregnant Woman Does Not Even Check Whom Is Texting

A woman was furious and outraged as she had got pregnant by a man. She tries to get even with him by informing this to his girlfriend. However, she didn’t check properly whom she is texting. The receiver of the text seemed to have more than one boyfriend and she tried to clarify which boyfriend. The pregnant lady clarifies the name of dad as “Sam”.

2) The Receiver Seems To Know More Than One “Sam”

She starts sending different images of the celebrities who have played the role of “Sam” in famous movies and shows. First up on her list was “Sam Winchester” played by Jared Padalecki from the popular Supernatural.

3) Next She Brings Up Sam From Lord Of The Rings

The receiver seems to be having a full stock of pictures of stars that have played the role of “Sam”. She sends the picture of “Sam” from Lord Of The Rings to a pregnant woman.

4) It Only Gets Funnier By The Minute

Next up on her list is the Samwell Tarly, a fictional character played by John Bradley. This is funny but it’s now getting irritating for the pregnant woman.

5) The Receiver Just Doesn’t Let It End Here

The pregnant woman is agitated by now but the receiver wouldn’t stop here, she comes up another image of “Sam”. She even goes up to the extent of saying yes the situation is all so funny for her. This is too hilarious as the pregnant woman also doesn’t get a clue that she might be texting a wrong person. And they continue to text further.

6) She Slams The Receiver For Having A Bad Dater

The pregnant lady then remarks at the receiver that her boyfriend has no manners to take the lady out for dinner at a nice place. She also tells her that no wonder she is crazy because she accepting boyfriend with low standards.


7) Their Conversation Turns Into Grammar Lesson

The receiver continues with her witty responses and starts off with grammar lessons and corrects the pregnant woman that food places are called as restaurants. She further sympathizes with the woman that at least she should be taken to McDonald's.

8) The Pregnant Woman Can’t Handle The Jokes Further

The pregnant woman gets furious and asks the woman on the receiving end for her boyfriend. She tells him that she wants to speak to him. The receiver on the hand is in no mood to let it go, she tells him she can have any of the “Sam”.

9) The Pregnant Lady Realises That Something Is Wrong Here

She tells the receiver to wait while the receiver continues to send her supernatural memes.

10) The Pregnant Woman realises That She Is Texting Wrong Person

However, the receiver is no mood to let her off and she keeps stretching the conversation. Even though the pregnant lady is apologizing, the receiver keeps pinching her.

11) 11. The Receiver & Pregnant Woman End The Conversation On A Taunting Note

The receiver is too witty however she continues to taunt the pregnant woman till the end. Only if this pregnant woman would have checked the number before texting, she wouldn’t have landed in a messy conversation.