5 Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

Jul 12, 2017 @ 05:40 AM By Damandeep Kaur

No one can deny the fact that when it comes to eye makeup nothing can be sexier than Smokey eye makeup. Stars like Kristen Stewart and Kim Kardashian rock with Smokey eye makeup on regular basis.  Beauty treatments and beauty have come a long way, there was a time when people used to talk about celeb’s Smokey eye makeup. But, now it is quite common these days and this is no longer limited to just celebs. So why are you stick to normal eye makeup, gear up and give yourself a different look every day with color variations in Smokey eye makeup? So, don’t hold your excitement and look at the tutorial of Smokey eye makeup. Scroll down to take a look!  

1) Golden Brown Smokey Eyes

Do you like golden brown eye makeup look? I think nobody would say no as it can go with any color dress as well as you can also carry it with modern dresses. To get this look get brown eyeshadow and apply it on the bottom lash. Apply a black kohl pencil on the top lash line then blend it with brown color eye shadow from the outer corner to the center of the eyes. To complete the Smokey eye look, blend the golden color from inner corner to center.

2) Electric Blue Smokey Eyes

Who would say no to electric blue Smokey eye makeup? It is the most preferred Smokey eye makeup among girls. So start with applying black kohl pencil on the crease, lash line and smudged it properly. Blend in the black eyeshadow towards the centre of your eyes and then mix it with blue eyeshadow from outer to centre corner of your eyelid. Finish electric blue Smokey eye look with drawing the kohl on waterline on top eyelid.

3) Bronze Smokey Eyes

Get a bronze shade eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelid and a darker shade on your brow bone. Blend the bronze shade with dark brown at the crease and at the outer corner of your eyes. Lock the look with dark black liner and finish the look with a streak of kohl on the waterline.


4) Natural Silver-Shimmer

Do you wanna get natural silver shimmer look? With this makeup, you can steal anybody's, heart. Apply a light shade on your eyelid and blend it with a silver shade of your choice. Blend the corner with a darker shade, Add shimmery light silver touch in the center and finish the look with a splash of mascara on the lashes.

5) Soft Neutral Look

You can carry this gorgeous look for evening parties and dinner date. Blend in soft brown eye shadow on your eyelid and then sweep a dark brown shade lightly on the outer corner. Add a champagne shimmer across the eyelid and flick eyeliner and complete the look with mascara.