You Had No Clue About These Magical Hair Hacks

Jul 11, 2017 @ 04:07 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Can you hit a party without doing a classy hairdo? Can you step up in a meeting without combing hairs? No? Ya, that’s right because it can make you look untidy and can give a bad impression about your appearance. In a zest to get the best look women spend long hours in the salon and try some different styles on their hairs in the salon. But, actually, it is not that important to rush to the salon to fix hair issues.  You have no clue that with the help of hacks, you can try out new hairstyles and fix your hair issues easily at home. So we are sharing some easy and quick hacks you must know to save your time. Scroll down to get time-saving cool hair hacks! 

1) Do You Know that Mascara Can Help You to Hide White Hairs?

With the help of mascara brush, apply the mascara on the white hairs to conceal them completely.

2) Do you wish to make your hairs look dense?

It is very easy to make your hairs look dense with the help of eyeshadow. Simply apply some eye shadow to your scalp to cover the gaps between the hairs.

3) Learn How to Fake long pony!

Do you love flaunting long pony? Here is the clever way to make a small pony look long.

4) Know how to Reduce Frizz and Dryness

Bring your hairs upside down and then blow dry your hairs to reduce frizz and dryness instantly.

5) Learn how to make summer beach hair spray?

Make your own summer beach look spray by mixing water and salt. Mix the 2 ingredients well and spray over your hair to create beach waves I n your hair.


6) Amazing way to beach curls your hairs

Try it is very easy and without any salon, you will get an instant curl.

7) Cool Roll Hairs in Few Minutes

Tie your hairs in a rubber band, twist them up and iron them.

8) How to Fake Short Hairs?

First, comb your hairs properly then roll them up and secure with a bobby pin to fake short hairs.

9) Ditch side Parting and try mid one!

Switch side parting to middle parting by wetting your hair and blow drying them.