These are The Biggest Mistakes You Make Putting on Mascara

Jul 10, 2017 @ 07:34 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Do you love applying mascara? Why not who wouldn’t wish to highlight their eyes and make them look more appealing. You will hear many people saying that applying eyeliner is an art and it comes with perfection, but it is same with the case of mascara as well.  Most of us apply mascara thinking like we are applying like a pro, but we do not notice those little glitches we make while applying it. Have you ever noticed that you have not curled the lashes properly?  So, if you have been thinking that you know applying mascara and if you are from those who don’t know how to apply mascara, then take a list of common mistakes you make while applying mascara. 

1) Use of Eyelash Curler Before Mascara

If you are using the eyelash curler before applying mascara then you are doing it in a wrong way. After applying eyeliner, apply mascara and then use a curler to give it a nice curl.

2) Applying The Mascara on Upper Lash Line First

If you are applying the mascara on the upper side then the chances of getting smudged are high. Always first apply mascara to the lower lashes then apply it on the upper to avoid the smudges and imperfections.

3) Don't Pump Mascara in the tube several times

Avoid pumping it again and again as if you will pump too many times in the bottle, it will create bubbles. In result, mascara will look clumpy and flaky.

4) Do Not Forget to Drain Off The Excess Mascara From The Brush

Always drain off the excess mascara on the brush as it will make your eyes look spidery and flaky.


5) Never Use Mascara That is More Than 6 Months Old

As we all are aware that our eyes are precious so we should not use old eye makeup products to prevent any kind of damage.

6) Do Not Over Coat Mascara

Do not overcoat your mascara as it will make your eyes look clumpy and messy. Two strokes are perfect for curled lashes look!

7) Always Use Spoolie While Applying Mascara

While applying mascara keep using spoolie as not let your lashes look sticky. This trick will also take off the extra mascara off your eyelashes and give your lashes a neat finish.