Here are 5 Super Chic Bun Hairstyle Tutorials You Must Know

Jul 10, 2017 @ 06:41 AM By Damandeep Kaur

No one can deny the fact that hair buns are classy, trendy, unique, fun, cute and speechless. Doesn’t matter if you are wearing traditional or modern, you can always easily carry bun and look classy. A stylish and neatly tucked bun makes a woman look more appealing and attractive in her own way. Bun not only makes you look elegant, it also makes your neck and cheeks look more attractive as hairs keep falling on them.

  Buns have also taken a leap from simple regular classic look to more messy and interesting like double buns, ponytail buns and chignon buns. So are you ready to tweak your hairs to get perfect bun hairstyle? So are you ready to try something new with your beautiful hairs, check these amazing bun hairstyles for next outing and get ready to look elegant?  

1) Braided Sock Bun

Sock bun has been very popular from air hostess to celebs, but now it is time to give twist and new look to your sock bun. Add some fun to your basic sock by adding some braid strands to your bun. Divide your hairs into two sections from the mid, and create a braid on each side. Now take the two braids at the back and tie with a rubber band in the mid. Now with rest hairs, make a sock bun and tuck in the strands and you are set to get a new stylish hair bun.

2) Look Super Hot With Messy Bun

Messy buns are perfect whether you are going to hit a party or going on a special date with your partner. This bun is easy and fast to create and best replacement for regular kind of boring buns. So divide your hairs into two sections and interlock them all the way up at the back leaving few hairs locks out in the front and back. It will give a natural look to your hairs and you can also decorate it beautiful flowers or hair accessories.

3) Ponytail-Braided Bun

You can also turn your simple ponytail into a braid and roll your hairs into an attractive bun. Gather all your hairs on the top and make a pony. After making a ponytail, divide it into two equal parts and make a braid from a top layer. Roll it together with pony form a twisted bun. To make the bun look more voluminous make the braid loose and take some hair locks out.


4) Low Braided Hair Bun

It would be great to call it two minutes bun. You just need to make a low pony and flip your pony upwards through the gap and braid the pony. Now pull it upwards and tuck in the braid to make a bun to get a cool, feminine, elegant and classy bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins and use beautiful flowers to decorate this messy bun.

5) Here is A Cute Bun For Little Girls

Why is your cute little angel is behind in the race to look fashionable and trendy? Just like yourself give your sweet baby a twist of cute bun hairstyle to make her look more adorable. Make a high pony on your little angel’s head and roll it up in a cute sock bun. Decorate it with her favorite hair accessory to make her feel like an angel or probably a little princess.