Learn A Simple Way To Shape Eyebrows Using Tweezers

Jul 06, 2017 @ 07:40 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Want perfect eyebrows? What due to tight schedule do you not get time to hit the parlor? There is no doubt that plucking perfect eyebrows with tweezers to achieve that flawless, face-framing arch can be a tedious (and painful!) procedure. But, the good news is that you do not need to make your eyebrows thin as fuller and thicker eyebrows are always in trend. With the help of tweezers, you can easily pluck out extra hairs from your eyebrows in less time. So, here we are sharing few tips to get perfectly shaped eyebrows with the help of tweezers. Scroll down to get useful tips! 

1) Flip Your Tweezers

First of all using the opposite end of the tweezers, keep it vertically along the edge of your nose to your brow. It should be the point where the tip meets your eyebrow and a natural beginning of the brow.

2) Grab A Pencil and Mark

Use an eyebrow pencil and draw a vertical line to mark the beginning of each eyebrow. Now check the space between them, and remove the hairs between the spaces.

3) Pluck it properly

While tweezing hairs, make sure to pull it properly. Do not rip.

4) Now Mark End Point of Your Eyebrow

Again hold the tweezers from the end and put the open side at the base of your nostril. Slide and touch the outer corner of your eyebrow and mark your eyebrow’s end point.


5) Clean up

Now after marking, with the help of tweezers clean up the rest area and pull slowly with a full grip.

6) Trace the thickness you wish

With the help of a pencil, draw the border of your eyebrows, but make sure how thick you wish to draw. Draw a line under your brow and pluck the excess hairs from that line.

7) Shape Your Arch

Again with the help of tweezers close end, draw a line under your brow arch. Your arch is the line above the outer rim of your iris and lies right on the brow bone. Clean all hairs under the arch and any other strays.

8) Give Your Eyebrows Amazing Finish

After getting perfect eyebrow shape, use a gel to make it look perfect. And there is one more benefit of using gel because if you have made any mistake, you can cover it up with gel.