Woman who has the 'most beautiful buttocks in China'

Jul 06, 2017 @ 01:07 AM By Damandeep Kaur

According to the champion of the ‘most beautiful buttocks’ contest is China, life cannot be always easy for a woman with a curvy body. Here we are talking about Gao Qian, 19-year-old who stunned the judges with her hot back shape, she has also confessed that she could not wear tights on the streets because people all around could not stop to look at her hot buttocks.

 This young woman wears only wear loose clothes in the public, told MailOnline that she once got embarrassed when she noticed that one couple was fighting in front of her because a man praised her buttocks in front of his wife.

 This 19-year-old won the title of “the most beautiful buttocks” content is Shenyang, China on 24 June. She mostly wears loose clothes in the public as she would be mobbed by other people around. The beauty queen said Kim Kardashian has the perfect proportion with curvy buttocks and a tiny waist


1) Meet Gao Qian, 19-Year Old Girl who Won The Title for Most Beautiful Buttocks

Meet Gao Qian, 19, who amazed the judges with her shapely back, confessed that she cannot wear tights on the street as 'people would surround me and point my backside'.

2) She Has Defeated Brazil's 'Miss BumBum'

Gao Qian is the woman with title number 302 who defeated Brazil's 'Miss BumBum'.

3) Ms Gao showcases her curvy body during the beauty contest held in a shopping mall in Shenyang, China, on June 24

While the event, some 50 women proudly writhed, wiggled and shook their curvy bottoms to get the attention of seven judges. Bizzare moment man accidentally shoots wedding photographer

4) She is Also A Part Time Trainer and Popular Vlogger Who Made Videos

She said she is very happy with the results of hard work she has done, but she will not stop here as she will keep working.


5) Here she is Posing With he first and second runners-up during the popular competition which drew many onlookers

The hot woman, who is 5ft 7in and weighs 60kg (132lbs), just realized that she 'has the kind of body for the competition' after her friends pointed it out to her. A fitness fanatic herself, Ms. Gao spent averagely six hours a day doing thousands of squats and lunges to keep her body in shape. 'I'm very pleased with the results,' Mr. Gao told MailOnline. 'I will carry on training no matter how hard it might get.' 'This is the career I love,' she added.

6) Kim Kardashian is Her Idol

She said that Kim Kardashian has the perfect back as 'her buttocks are curvy and her waist is tiny'. Pictured, Ms. Kardashian attends the Costume Institute Benefit in New York on May 1, 2017

7) She said that Its a Disadvantage for Asian Woman compared to Caucasian or Latino women When it is About Curvy Back

It might be a genetic thing or the bone structure,' she said. 'In addition, they have more systematic training.' 'I follow Brazilian media and read about the Miss BumBum. It's my dream to attend the competition one day.' In a country whose culture is still relatively conservative, Mr. Gao said her family support what she does, and she feels lucky about it. 'My father gave me much encouragement after I signed up for the competition. My family also think it's a very positive thing to do.'