Boys Thought that It is A Jackpot to Apply Sunscreen on This Beautiful Girl , But When She Turned Around, They Got Shocked!

Jul 03, 2017 @ 05:07 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Imagine you are playing a game or resting on a beach, and suddenly a gorgeous girl calls you to apply a sunscreen lotion on her back, would you say no to a hot girl? I don’t think that you would miss that golden chance. You would love to grab her back and apply sunscreen gently and for a long time. But what if you will find that girl has balls?

Here we are sharing a prank video in which, a gorgeous girl will call boys to massage her back and will shock them with a set of balls! This prank is made by David Mafra and his friends, if you are getting bored, get a hanky as your ears might come out after watching this! 

1) The Video Starts When A Woman Call Various Men to Apply Sunscreen on their back!

A woman was taking the sunbath on the beach and suddenly she called a man to apply sunscreen. The guy got shocked but went close to her and started applying sunscreen.

2) Without A Second Thought Man Accepted the Challenge!

The man started rubbing her neck gently and they both were enjoying the moment. The woman told him her name and asked him to rub her belly.

3) When She Turned They Thought it is a Jackpot!

A man started rubbing her belly and noticed that the girl has balls. She turned him off and they left immediately!


4) They Ran Like Never Before!

He said I thought you are a girl! Oh, shit and ran away!

5) A Fake Balls Video You Cannot Miss At any Cost