10 Scary symptoms of bladder cancer that every woman should know

Jun 29, 2017 @ 08:06 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Being a woman, we are always asked to take care of our breast as we are always told that watch out for one type of cancer: breast cancer.

Many women are aware that they should pay focus to their breast; they must pay changes like rashes, redness, and lumps.But the fact is that there are many types of cancers woman must know especially bladder cancer.

What is bladder? It is a balloon-shaped organ that stores urine in the pelvis and it can be cancerous like many other organs.Thankfully there are many noticeable symptoms so it can be diagnosed at early stage.  These symptoms are very common and this is why many people ignore them but you must pay special attention to them.

Scroll down to read out the 10 bladder cancer symptoms and signs everyone must know about. 

1) Blood in The Urine

As per the American Cancer Society, they say that blood in the urine could be the first symptom of bladder cancer. The content of blood might vary as sometimes it can be too much that the urine color will be of different color. Even though there can be other reasons behind blood in urine like you might experience bloody urine, like an infection in stomach, bladder or kidney stones, or noncancerous tumors. But it is advised to contact a doctor if you notice blood in urine.

2) Frequent Urination

It is a very common issue most people face and as it is very common mostly people ignore this symptom. It is not always, but sometimes bladder cancer can cause a change in your urination habits can lead to bladder irritation. Some people may also feel like they feel like peeing right away, even when they don’t have a full bladder.

3) Burning and Pain While Urinating

Paining and burning sensation while peeing is another signifying symptom of bladder cancer. It is another common symptom most people ignore, but you should always see your doctor if you notice constant pain and burning while urinating.

4) Difficulty While Urinating

It might be due to urine infection but if you find that you are facing issue producing pee or you have a weak urine stream, it might be a right time to see a doctor.

5) Lower back pain on one side

Lower back pain might be due to many reasons like menstrual pain or disk related issue but if you constantly feel pain in one side of lower back it might be due to bladder cancer.


6) Feeling Weak or Tired

If you are feeling tired and restless unnecessary then you must not then you must discuss this with your doctor.

7) Loss Of Appetite/Weight Loss

If you don’t feel like eating then this might be due to some serious underlying cause like bladder cancer. If your loss of appetite is accompanied by weight loss, then you must not wait to see a doctor.

8) Swollen Feet

Most of us relate swollen feet with pregnancy or long time walking. If you notice your feet are getting swelled without any reason, then it might be due to bladder cancer.

9) Unable to urinate

Like difficulty in peeing, entirely not able to pee is a strong symptom of bladder cancer. If you are not able to urinate completely then it might be an advanced stage of bladder cancer. You must see the doctor when you are not able to urinate.

10) Pain in pelvic area

If someone would ask you a strong symptom of bladder cancer, then you might think of pelvic pain. Yes, you are right here. Pain in bones and bones can be a strong cause behind bladder cancer. Be aware of the symptoms your body gives you as there is no doubt that you can cure cancer at first stage. Remember that as bladder cancer gets more advanced, it can spread to other parts of the body, which can cause bone pain in other areas also.