Only Women Will Understand These 10 Hilarious Problems

Jun 28, 2017 @ 02:46 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Men often say that they do not understand women! Is that right? The truth is fellas that you will never understand women because the daily struggles women face you don’t have a clue. Let's admit this that men and women come from the different world, and men can never understand what happens with women, be it's with menstrual pain or it is about shopping. No one can deny the fact women's life is tough and daily they deal with many problems like wardrobe nightmares or makeup malfunctions. So we have complied a list where you will get a list of problems women face on daily basis, and you must appreciate them for this reason! 

1) Don't You Feel The Same While Walking in the Heels!

It seems easy and looks classy when a woman wears the pair of heels, but do you know how tough it is to walk in the heels?So, better to walk slowly and confidently like a baby giraffe stands for the first time.

2) Can You Understand The Pain of a Woman?

Makeup is woman's first love and imagine how they would feel when they open their new blusher and see it in shattered pieces. But, don't worry as you can still use it in this condition as well.

3) Wearing White Paint Fearless

Do you know that woman can't wear white jeans fearlessly because no one knows when periods can arrive? They love to have white jeans but choose to let them in their closet, as they have to check their back after every 5-10 minutes.

4) Forget About Arm Waxing?

You are getting late and do not have time to shave off your underarms, what you will do? What if you forgot that you have not shaved your armpits? Nothing can be embarrassing than that and it happens often with women.

5) You Forget to Buy Tampon

Every time when you are on periods, you never have a tampon with you. You have to ask neighbor or friend, or you have to use a wad of toilet paper to tide you over until you purchase some. You’ve had your period for close to 20 years so why are you never ever prepared? It’s absurd!


6) Shit, It Happens!

Ever happened to you, when you are walking with some handsome dudes and suddenly your bag fall and tampon came out of it? It happens with me, and one of that guy pick it up and gave back to me!

7) You Forgot Your Rubber band!

You have entered the gym and you realized that you do not have a rubber band. You won't be able to concentrate on the gym as well as you will look like a ghost!

8) You Also Must Have Faced This Situation!

Every woman has to face this situation as they are blessed with long hairs. When you are in the shower, your hair falls out all over the place. You move some on the wall and create your hair art, but some of it still winds up in the drain

9) Skipping Birth control Pills

It happens with many women! You are supposed to remember to take a pill every single day and at the same time each day no less?! You’ve tried setting reminders. You tried morning, afternoon and night, and no matter what, you always manage to skip a pill. And when you get your period for two weeks later and it is absolutely scary.

10) Holes in your Leggings, Jeans and Pants!

Due to lack of thigh gap, or sweating, jeans from the bottom got torn. Every single pair of pants that you own is faded or have a hole in the crotch. And tights are even worse. You are lucky if you get one use out of them before ripping them to pieces.