Moms Makes Use of Instagram To Share Their Most Wonderful Hacks For Taking Care of Their Kids !

Jun 19, 2017 @ 02:50 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Child raising is not a real easy task. I would say it is a challenging business that you need to do with hell lot of patience. There are some parents to make use of one or other smart ways to make taking care of their kids a bit simpler task. Well, there isn’t any shame in doing that. After all, they are your kids and you know what would be good for them.And if you are not the inventing type, have no dread and distress about the same. Many other moms out there are quick enough to post their sparks of smartness on a social media platform, Instagram to encourage and help other moms across the globe breathe a little relaxed.Probabilities are that you may find a tip or two quite easy and good to adopt as they are hassle free and you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket whatsoever!Keep scrolling to know what all other moms have done differently to keep their kids engaged that you can even execute, provided you like them:

1) Make use of a DVD and wireless headphones to keep kids from getting diverted by an annoying clamor in the neighborhood.

2) The best ways to make OTC medicine a colorful candy when you take away it from the lozenge.

3) Kids are excited to learn anything LEGO-associated. Try this one out for sure.

4) The comfier a car seat is, the more likely it is that they will doze off quickly.

5) Metal toys can be stored with the use of magnets on walls.

6) Kids have presented that they are more likely to munch vegetables when they are put on display in a colorful array like this one.

7) Make use of ice cube trays to serve out bite-size portions during the week.

8) Don’t have popsicle sticks? No worries.


9) Pill arrangers are just as handy for storage of snacks, particularly when you are traveling.

10) Cleaning up after muddled kids

11) Are your kids running in different directions? Fix them up with a massive article of clothing. 9 out of 10 times it has been noticed that they will love it.

12) Make watermelons more mouth-watering and less chaotic with this super cool hack.

13) Shift things up by offering straws to consume soft foods.

14) Do your kids start fighting over an iPad with each other? Wanna put this fight an end? Make sure you keep it in one spot where everyone can share it.

15) This one is only for the parents: Take your kid’s crabbiness with a grain of salt by creating sham eyebrows on them!