Crazy Facts About Kissing We Bet You Didn’t Know !

Jun 17, 2017 @ 07:56 AM By Mala Nangia Nangia

Kissing is a flow of emotions, a way expressing your love to your partner. It’s a mystical and a magical spell that cannot be described in words, it needs to be felt. It is an expression that says that you love your partner immensely. It is at times a way of communicating your love to someone, when you are just of out words, kissing shows your passion and desire for that someone special. Kissing is actually a lot more than a mere expression of love, did you know that kissing can burn calories and even prevent cavities. Here we are giving some unknown and crazy facts about kissing, probably they are going to make you kiss your partner even more :

1) According to a study kissing not only involves your facial muscles but also 112 postural muscles too. This is quite a good workout.

2) Experts estimate that an average person would spend 20,160 minutes of their life in kissing, that’s almost as big as your spring vacation at high school.

3) When you kiss your partner, your adrenal gland releases hormones like adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These hormones pass through your blood and trigger your heart to beat faster and it s

4) A Couple from Thailand-Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat set an incredible world record of the longest kiss. They were engaged in kissing each other for over Two days.

5) Experts suggests kissing helps you to access your potential mates and lovers.

6) When you kiss your partner, love hormone “oxytocin” spikes due to its connection with your attachment, your feelings and love for your partner.


7) This is a natural tendency among people, probably because it makes it a lot easier to kiss.

8) The affectionate gesture causes you to swap 300 kinds of bacteria which builds stronger immunity to germs. Researchers have found that this living bacteria helps you to fight infections better and can

9) Kissing boosts up the feelings of love, happiness and relaxes your body. This way it keeps the stress hormone in check. It helps to keep your mind and heart away from the stress ensuring that your are

10) Kissing enhances your metabolic rate, so if you want to lose some calories, get going to kiss your partner, you can lose 2 to 3 calories for every one minutes of kissing.

11) Did you know that exchange of saliva can actually help to wash out bacteria, clean food particles from teeth and protect your tooth enamel? So go ahead in some healthy teeth kissing.

12) Kissing Triggers Release Of Endorphins.

The moment you kiss your partner, endorphins get released from pituitary glands which increase the feeling of emotion and affection making you happy after the kiss.