Beautiful Moms To Be Create A Magical Disney Themed Maternity Photo Shoot !

Jun 16, 2017 @ 08:08 AM By Mala Nangia Nangia

Becoming a mother is a wonderful feeling. The mother to be goes through range of emotions and there are many moments that a woman wishes to keep them with her forever. Some of the delicate moments of mom to be also involve the moments when she feels like she is a princess and she is in a paradise.In a attempt to capture such special moments of moms to be, a photo shoot was done in Bellville by Victor and Marry. They teamed up 5 moms to be for their special and mesmerising Disney themed maternity photo shoot. The result was truly magical, check it out for yourself :

1) Victor & Marie-The couple is known for their photography. Both husband and wife are professional photographers and they love to capture every little joy of life.

2) Their Disney themed maternity photo shoot is catching the eyes and attention of everyone and is now going viral.

3) The idea was born out of Belle-inspired Beauty and Beast session. It eventually evolved into Disney inspired maternity.

4) Five moms to be who were models and their previous clients were brought together to represent different Disney princesses.

5) A perfect castle setting was chosen to give real to life effect.

6) Along with the castle backdrops, models adorned the props which added to the mystical effect of the photo shoot.


7) The photo shoot was done in beautifully crafted princesses’ outfits in amazing pastel colours.

8) Jasmine with a spot on jewellery and princess hairstyle looks seemingly flawless.

9) Here’s the every girl’s dream come true Cinderella with her last her remaining glass slipper

10) Looks like as if she just walked out of The Princess And The Frog.

11) The true magic of these pictures is not just the perfect outfits, majestic castle backdrops or the props, it’s the joy of become a mother, it’s the excitement and beauty that can be seen in the eyes