17 Ways Your Life Will Change For Good Once You Have A Baby !

Jun 16, 2017 @ 02:34 AM By Damandeep Kaur

For any woman, there is no better God’s favour and greater gift than bringing their little one to this world. The exultations of maternity are many. Each day unfolds with a new surprise. The arrival of your child indeed fills your life with happiness which is without any doubt precious. But then again, we all have to face both good times as well as bad times. It is the part and parcel of life as they say. In whichever way, life undergoes a drastic change for the parents, majorly for the mother after having a baby.Here we bring for you a list of the most noticeable changes every woman go through after the birth of her beautiful bundle of joy:

1) The body curves become unshapely.

Most of the would-be mums and who had experience the enjoy of being pregnant once or twice so far would agree to this fact that your body turns into a huge watermelon in the span of nine months. It somewhat becomes unshapely just after you give birth. Despite the fact, you may work hard and stay determined to get back your pre-pregnancy weight still some things like stretch marks, a saggy stomach, puffy feet, etc. either takes ages to go or never go away ever.

2) You become self-sacrificing.

It comes so naturally for mums to start thinking about your child first before anything else, right? No matter how much sleep deprived you may feel at the end of the day or countless times your baby may have vomited or pooped on you, still, you never complain about the same. Just cherish the beautiful moments with the apple of your eye. Every mother just wishes to go beyond any limit to ensure the happiness of the child.

3) Time becomes very precious for you.

Gone is the time when you had enough time to lounge around in the house and watch those interesting TV series or movies one after the other. After being a mum of a newborn baby, how quickly the clock ticks away you never come to know.

4) You don’t cuddle or pamper your pets as you used to earlier .

After the arrival of a baby, you suddenly become more conscious of the fact even the lowest possible bacteria and dirt particles shouldn’t come from your pets. You no longer look them as innocent babies as you used to be and make sure you don’t allow them to hop on the bed, the sofas, the carpet and other areas where you think you will be sitting with the baby.

5) The biggest treat you can now think about is ‘some me time’.

Once the baby is there, mums hardly get time during the entire day when they can actually do what they wish to. Getting timely nap is a bit difficult task. In initial days, baby needs too much attention that mum has to sacrifice her sleep as well. Even going to washroom becomes a mission impossible for them as they can’t leave the kid behind all alone.

6) Your hot topic for conversation becomes the colour of your kid’s poop.

There was a time when mum used to keenly discuss different colours of the dresses they bought recently, right? After baby’s arrival, every conversation you have somehow revolved around the consistency and colour of your baby’s poop. Not only this, it just like that you try to gather as much as the knowledge that one day you can even write a book on it.

7) Drastic change in the friend circle.

Your single friends or friends with no kids so far have stopped enjoying your company and you feel the same for them as well. You wish to be with couples with kids so that your wavelength matches with theirs.

8) Your phone’s memory is full of nursery rhymes and baby videos.

Gone are the days when your phone used to be full of hip-hop, pop and different genre of music. Besides, those cool selfies and latest videos have now been replaced with all nursery rhymes, countless pictures of your child and cartoon character videos.

9) Your mood swings take a toll on you.

You will find that the hormonal changes start ruling your mood swings. There are times when you tend to cry more frequently, get saddened very easily, suddenly start laughing for no reason, argue with your husband for without any reason. Blame the hormones as well as the deprivation of sleep.


10) Your priorities take a sweeping turn.

No longer you would waste your time thinking which car model you should buy or plan about the next holiday destination. Eventually, your priorities will change and you will start thinking about how to make child’s future secure, search about the best schools and playschools and make best mentoring possible for your child.

11) Increasing size of your handbags.

Sleek clutches and trendy sling bags are replaced by colourful baby bags and massive dump bags that are full of diapers and wipes and baby food and travel toys.

12) Bond with your parents strengthen.

That’s the reality that no one could ever deny that it is only after you become parents you start realising what all your parents must have sacrificed to bring you up. You begin to love and revere them all the more and feel regretful for all those times you have behaved badly with them. It is rightly said that it wasn’t possible for God to be ubiquitously so he gave us parents.

13) Your bond with your husband transforms to a great extent.

There will be a beautiful change in your bond with your husband. Eventually, you will start feeling how caring and patient he had been throughout your pregnancy and even after the baby is born. The care and accountability he shows towards you and your baby simply by helping you out with house chores and taking care of a baby just to make your life easier will make you fall head over heels for him over and over again.

14) Big change in your outings.

No longer you would plan an outing to the most happening clubs, dinner dates, and even movie dates with your group of friends or dream about the most awaited beach holidays. For mums, outings simply mean taking your baby to parks, theme parks and kids' stores.

15) Getting 8 hours sleep will be a wish .

Well, after the arrival of your baby it becomes pretty hard to get those peaceful forty winks even. You may have to wake numerous times in between the night to feed your baby and change their nappies. At the end of the day, your biggest wish would be to get sound sleep.

16) The house is no longer in apple-pie order.

Still, you aren’t stepping on a toy with every step you take in your home then it simply means your child is yet to be born. Better get used to the fact that soon you will be always welcomed to untidy rooms, cartoon character bed sheets, cars, baby scooters, and toys all around the place.

17) Massive change in your wardrobe.

Don’t you think so this happens? Eventually, you tend to forget about all your stylish and chic clothes as you wish to wear something from the past, loose, long and comfy clothes. For this, you don’t even mind sharing your husband's casual wardrobe. In the end, all this is worth for the best feeling that you get when you see your bundle of joys face brighten up with a cute little smile every morning you wake up despite all the deprivations and daily life ups and downs you encounter. It’s a marvel and God’s greatest blessings you need to be grateful for and treasure each day