Nurse Breaks Hospital Rules. She Grants A Dying Man His Last Wish !

Jun 16, 2017 @ 01:57 AM By Mala Nangia Nangia

When we fall ill, all we think of is getting ourselves back in good health and our loved ones support us to get back to our normal state of well being. However at times there are certain ailments that literally bring you to the end of our lives. While science has nailed in most of the diseases, there are certain conditions in which beyond a certain point, medical science too has its limitation.A patient names Carsten Hansen was hospitalised for an ailment, however he was told that he doesn’t have time left with him. He then asked something to hospital, scroll over the find what was his last wish and did hospital grant him his dying wish :


2) Carsten Asked Nurse For His Last Wish.

Carsten was aware of his condition and he was aware that he had only few hours left. He was sitting in his hospital room, when he told his nurse about his last wish. He said he wanted enjoy his last hours and he asked for cigarette, a glass of cold white wine at the view of a sunset.

3) One Of His Wish Was Against Hospital Rules.

Luckily Carsten’s room was on a floor with access to a balcony, nurses were able to arrange for a glass of cold white wine as well. However cigarette smoking was against hospital rules. The hospital had a strict no-cigarette policy to ensure the health and well being of patients.


4) Carsten’s Nurse Decided Break The Rule.

Carsten’s nurse Rikki Kvist decided that they would break the hospital rule to fulfil his wish. The nurses then wheeled his bed out in the balcony, gave him a cigarette and a glass of white wine. He was allowed to enjoy his last hours in the view of sunset along with his family. Kvist told to media “It was a very cosy and relaxed atmosphere, of course the relatives were also affected by the fact he was going to die and they were sad. But it was cosy and there was humour”.

5) The Experience Was Shared On Social Media And There Was Outpouring Response.

The nurses shared their experience on social media and they were applauded and admired for their decision to fulfil the dying man’s deed.A user said “Exactly as it should be, wish I could have done this for my dad, good on his family and respect to the hospital staff for showing humanity,”. Another user said “You’re not only a hospital but a place where people can still dream, even if the life won’t give them any more opportunities,” Another user who was overwhelmed by the post commented “In these times where sometimes humanity seems to fade away, posts like these keep the fire burning. I wish the family of Mr. Hansen all the best in these difficult times,”.Carsten enjoyed his last moments together with his family, with a cigarette, a glass of cold white wine and a view of sunset.

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