Largest Anaconda Found In The Amazon River !

Jun 16, 2017 @ 01:44 AM By Mala Nangia Nangia

Talk about snakes and reptiles and it sends a thousand chills to everyone’s spine. The very thought of it can scare you off. However there are some people who love to explore the wildlife and make their discoveries on snakes and anacondas. Recently a huge reptile- anaconda was discovered during the filming of a documentary –Tribes, Predators And Me. Scroll over to see what was uncovered during the journey of these explorers.

1) Presenter Gordon Buchanan Joins Waorani Tribal Family.

In his quest to discover on wildlife and snakes, the presenter of the show “Tribes, Predators And Me”, Gordon joins Waorani tribal family in Ecuador’s Amazon Jungle. Together they search for anacondas.

2) The Tribes Share Their Hunting Secrets With Gordon.

The tribe knows the rainforest very well and is aware of this breathtaking wildlife better than anyone else. They share their secrets of surviving here with Gordon. They tell him how they use blow pipes and sharpened sticks to hunt monkeys and wild life.

3) Anaconda Holds Spiritual Importance To The Tribe.

The greatest challenge for them was to capture and releasing anaconda unharmed. This would mean a demonstration of their bravery. The tribe believes that the anaconda holds the key to their future. For them anacondas are of spiritual importance.


4) Scientific Reason To Catch Anacondas.

The tribes are working with scientist as they are losing their land due to oil exploration The scientist are testing the effects of this on water, animals and fish. The anaconda caught and released in the episode is the largest ever recorded anaconda of 17 feet long

5) Gordon Learns The wildlife Secrets In His Journey With Tribes.

In the programme, Gordon had two weeks to learn and explore the Waorani’s wildlife secrets. He also sees the mysterious Amazon rivers dolphins, joins the tribe on peccary spear hunt. He gets to understand how women garden within the forest and how they befriend wild animals like monkeys, parrots and tapirs.