Find What Happens When This Girl Tried Cheap Makeup VS Expensive Makeup

Jun 15, 2017 @ 05:33 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Makeup is an essential part of a girl’s beauty and everyday dressing. There is a huge range of makeup which available in the market today. With many brands launching their premium makeup range, makeup industry is booming with new makeup range launches every few weeks. While there are many high ends brands offering expensive makeup range, there are plenty number of brands which offer makeup at cheaper prices too.  

Popular belief is that an expensive range of makeup means a better quality of makeup. But does it really work that way? Read on as we explore that which makeup you must buy, is it the expensive makeup range that claims high quality or a makeup kit from a local store that you can easily afford: 

1) Foundation & Blush On

In this image on the left side, the model is wearing a cheap foundation and blush on and on the right side, the same two products are of expensive range. On the left side, the foundation seems to be loose, isn’t giving a skin smooth texture, in fact, skin looks to be tight and dry. The blush on is giving an uneven tone to the skin making it appear orangish. The foundation here cost $7 and blush on costs $6. On the other side expensive foundation is easily covering up the skin imperfections making the skin appear smooth and the blush on are blended in the skin. The cost of foundation is $54 & blush on is $ 43.

2) Eye Makeup

Here on the left side model is wearing local drug store eye makeup and on the right side is the expensive eye makeup. The cheap eyeliner was easily applied and had a bristle, eye shadow was thick, glided smoothly on the skin and didn’t smudge or fade. Mascara was not bad but was bit lumpy. The eyeshadow cost is $ 10, eyeliner - $7.50 and mascara -$ 9.On the other side, the mascara from the expensive range didn’t crumple, eye shadow has a thick texture. Eyeliner in both the cases was similar. The cost of expensive eyeshadow is $46, eyeliner is $32 and mascara is $ 29.

3) Lipsticks

Lipstick on the left side is from the drug store, though it looks nice and has a smooth finish, it has a peculiar smell. The cost of this lipstick is $ 8. On the other side, the expensive lipstick has a matte finish and had a sweet scent. The texture of this lipstick is bit dry, which gives an uneven tone on re-application. The cost of this one is $ 35.


4) The End Result

When you look at these pictures, it is quite easy to tell that overall the finish is same for both kinds of makeup. However, it is apparent from the images that the foundation is not giving a smooth finish to the skin and is making the skin appear dry.

5) Rain Test

Let us now explore how the makeup performs under the rains. As expected the cheaper mascara ran down in the rains and eyeliner too got smudged, even though the manufacturers claimed the two products were waterproof. Foundation didn’t change much as it was already dried out. On the other both mascara and eyeliner passed the waterproof test, however, the eye shadow formed creases. The skin became shiny with the water falling on the foundation.

6) Apple Test

When the model was asked to eat an apple, the cheap lipstick got completely faded however the expensive one stayed on except a bit being faded in the center. The verdict is that even though expensive makeup stayed on and passed both the test, there were a few flaws. However, this would not mean one should opt for cheaper ones. Look out for the makeup which suits your skin and falls perfectly with your everyday style. Another point to keep in mind is that you would require doing touch ups on all kinds of makeup, hence you can surely opt to choose the makeup from the local drug store as well.