Bring out your beautiful self with these Amazing Makeup tips

Jun 07, 2017 @ 06:46 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Everybody says beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but how to get perfect beauty? That is the question of every young and older woman. Everybody craves for the perfection, then whether you want to rock party look or done up nude makeup. But, how to do that?

Don’t be cranky! Today, I have come with most amazing makeup hacks that will not only highlight your natural beauty but also hide your flaws.

1) How to do face contouring?

For face contouring, use different colours of foundation. First, apply a shade darker foundation than your skin tone and blend out all the patches and dark spots with the help of concealer. The foundation will make your skin tone smoother and concealer will hide your flaws.

2) What to do for a perfect nose?

You need not undergo knife or spend dollars to get a perfect job. Simply, apply concealer of a shade darker than your skin tone along the sides of your nose and under the tip of your nose. Then blend it out. Tada!!! Your picture-perfect nose is ready.

3) How to emphasize eyebrows?

Using a pencil, first, outline your bottom line of the brow and then outline the upper one. Afterward, fill in your eyebrows with short strokes of a pencil to give dense look to your brows.


For fresh and glowing look, you need to work on your eyes too. Use highlighter. Apply highlighter under the eyebrows and under the water line to define your eyes.


5) How to apply winged eyeliner?

First, from the outer corner of your eye draw a thin line towards your brow with the help of a pen liner. Then to complete your wing, add one more line from the middle of your eye and connect it to the first line to close it. Fill in your wing.

6) How to highlight eyelashes?

Grab a hold of new toothbrush, and run it through your lashes. Right from the root to tip bush your brows gently. It will wipe out excess mascara and make your lashes gorgeous.

7) How to get fuller lips?

First, moisturize your lips with your favourite lip balm and dab some powder on the entire lip area. Use pencil to outline your lip contour. Apply darker shade of lipstick to the corners of the lips and the lighter one to the middle.

8) Do's and Don’ts for perfect pout?

Make sure, you use a shade lighter pencil colour that will blend with the colour of lipstick you are going to apply. Don’t apply lipstick over chapped lips. Always exfoliate them first and moisturise them with a lip balm. Then scrub of your lips with a wet wipe. After that, apply lip balm one more time to balance out the moisture of your lips. Use these beauty hacks and stand out in a crowd.