What Happens When Friends With Benefits Goes Wrong!!!

May 30, 2017 @ 03:33 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Have you heard about Friends-with-benefits? What is the friend with benefits relation exactly? So, friends-with-benefits relationships are very famous among U.S. college students and about 60% have reported at least one FWB at some point in their life. This popularity is not shocking, perhaps.

The direct and common definition of friends with benefits is having physical act together without having any emotional connect.  It begins with some set of rules and the biggest aim is not to fall in love with the one you are getting physically involved with. But at any point of time you can be possessive or fall in love and these feelings are obvious. Let's dig deep into this topic and see what happened when the friends with benefits relationship go wrong?

1) The First Time!

The first time when you meet you're a friend, it might be very enjoyable experience. A friend with benefits relationship can give you a good sense of importance, connection, and certainty. But, this method of getting your requirement met can be short-lived and superficial, and this is the reason it can leave you in worse condition. In the beginning, everything is smooth and amazing, but are you sure that you will get another call?

2) Wait for Their Call!

You may like the first lovemaking session, and eagerly waiting for another prospective date. But, you end up wasting your time waiting for his/her call, This was one reason why you both had opted for a casual fling, but it seems like it is going to waste.

3) You Will Get Emotionally Irritated!

It is obvious if you will make love with someone, you will start liking him and would like to see him again. The natural feelings will build up and you will crave to meet him at least once. After attaining physical pleasure, you will you feel connected to the person and want more out of them.


4) You Will Become Upset!

If they won't even call after making love with you will make you feel worse about you. You will keep cursing yourself because you made love with him. Possibly you wish to see him, you wish to cuddle or just hear his voice but he left instead.

5) Possessiveness and Jealousy Strikes In!

He might be just your friend but when you will see him with any other woman you will begin to jealous and become over possessive. And the reason is natural, you both have shared your bodies and love.This is when "no strings attached" is going to cost her mental peace and lowered self-esteem.

6) Starts to feel like love.

Now you are in love, as butterflies are flying in your stomach and you are feeling tingling. It suggests how you enjoyed the session and you fall in love, but you do not want to end it at any cost. But, the reality is he left you and you have to trust someone again but, be careful next time.