12 Crazy Details About The Movie 'Mean Girls' You Might Have Nearly Missed

May 23, 2017 @ 06:18 AM By Damandeep Kaur

I am not sure whether you have watched Mean girls as it is the most popular movie that was released in 2004.It had amazing star cast including Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan and some other hot stars.  The movie was not showing the theme of a silly teenager even it showed the life of a smart teen that had lots of comedy and humor. We must not forget, it did have a lot of wisdom too.  

The main cast Lindsay Lohan was only 17 while this movie was in the making. She well played the role of schoolgirl having studied in Africa who is a new admission in Chicago Public High School. I think you must have seen it a couple of times already, and even if you have watched it many times, there were many scenes and hidden details that we think you should have missed out on, so we have gathered you a list containing all the missed scenes that will make you relive those scenes and recall the movie better. 

1) Horrible Parking Sense of Ms Norbury

Ms. Norbury does not have any knowledge regarding how to park, even after he has a Trans-Am sports car. I guess she requires driving lessons and most importantly she must learn about parking. Covering the space of two cars is not gonna do justice to the parking lot, but I am sure that you had missed this scene, am I wrong?

2) Have You Noticed Something?

These Asian students are playing cards behind the girls!

3) Have You Noticed Those Ping Pong Balls!

I guess you must not have noticed these cute ping pong balls!

4) I Think that's Her Favorite Drink!

That is silk soy milk, that's what she drinks!

5) That too Early for Jingle Bell's Rock Show!

You Missed it, right?

6) Look What is Written On The Black Board!

Shakespeare's quote is written on the board about three queens.


7) Have You Spotted That? Regina loves Avril and the Stroke. Proved.

This is pretty amazing!

8) No Clue Why These Guys Are So Annoyed!

Why the hell they are staring like that, what happened to them?

9) Tests usually occur after the talent show right? Don't Know Why This Test Date Says Oct. 14th .

That's Strange!

10) National Spelling Bee Competition!

The poster says it all. Spelling bee.

11) Weird one! Look at Their Skirts!

12) 847 is the Suburban Chicago where the movie was made!

Did you know that?