This Oil is is Best for Regrowing and Thickening Hairs, Eyebrows and Eyelashes

May 18, 2017 @ 02:22 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Do you have mingy eyelashes or eyebrows? Are you tired of using makeup products to make your eyebrow and eyelashes look dense? If you are tired, then do not worry as we have an amazing remedy for you to regrow your this eyelashes and eyebrow with natural oil.  

Who wouldn’t love to get long, thick, dark and fancy eyelashes and eyebrows? There is no doubt that thick and dense lashes make eyes look very attractive and appealing.  But unfortunately, everyone is not blessed with beautiful dark eyelashes and eyebrows. This post is for those who always struggle to get dense eyelashes and brows, so read this natural remedy to fulfill your dream. Scroll down!

1) Why Castor Oil is Best for Hair Growth?

The castor oil is extracted from seeds of castor from the process of pressing. It is mainly pale yellow or colorless having some mild smell. It is also humectants which attract and retain moisture in skin and hair. It is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties make it a helpful treatment for scalp infections. It is enriched with protein so it makes it valuable to maintain hair health.It also supplies enough nutrients to roots of your lashes for impreoved growth.

2) How to Apply Castor Oil?

You can apply castor oil on your lash line or on eyebrow for better hair growth. You can take one bud to apply castor oil. You can also apply with fingertips but there are chances that you will end up applying excess oil that is not needed. Make sure that it should not go into your oil and gently apply on eyebrows and lash line.

3) How to Apply Castor oil on eyelashes?

You can use your old mascara brush to apply castor oil on eyelashes. Make sure to clean the brush before applying castor oil. Dip the mascara brush in castor oil, apply on eyelashes and eyebrows. You can apply castor oil daily before going to bed and you will see the results after one month.


4) When is the Best Time to Apply Castor Oil?

Wash your face properly and make sure to remove the makeup. Apply castor oil 30 minutes before going to bed as you will be giving enough of time to the castor oil to absorb properly and won’t even end up spoiling your pillow cover.

5) When You Will be Able to See Desired Results?

Some people say that you will see the results after one month but some have also experienced results in juts 2 weeks. But to be honest, when I tried doing that it wasn’t that soon for me. It started showing results around 2 month time to see the desired results. You will get desired results if you will stay consistent as the results do vary from person to person. Being patient is the key.

6) How To Pick Right Castor oil?

The most important thing is that you need to pick right castor oil. Make sure to check the label and pick the one which is 100% natural cold-pressed, as these are the important information you need to know about a natural product.