If You Keeps Your Smartphones In Your Trousers Or Bras, This Is What Can Happen To You!

Now day’s cellphone is not just a phone it’s a virtual version of person and with the help of which can complete many tasks and with the help of new technology we all are connected together. Our phone shows how we live, how we think and it is like an indispensable part of our life. Many applications are developed; those provide all help and service, which are just a click away from us. We don’t want to get it away from us because it’s a necessity for us that’s why somehow we addicted to our phone. Like for sending a mail you don’t wait for your system to start and you will prefer your smartphone.

That is why while having sleep or travelling we keep it in our trousers or shirt pocket. But as we all know that this severe habit of keeping mobile can lead you into big problems. Click on next to know more about it.

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