Ever Wondered Why You Never See Prince William Wearing His Wedding Ring? Here’s The Surprising Reason

There was a point where the British royal family was an absolute scandal machine. Remember the Charles/Camilla/Diana love triangle and the subsequent infidelities? Or going even further back, the Wallis Simpson affair? And we absolutely can’t get enough of the rich and the powerful betraying, backstabbing and divorcing each other. But surely the same fate won’t befall Wills and Kate? It seems that the world really does adore these two, and they’ve managed to drag the monarchy kicking and screaming into the 21st century. That’s why it’s so worrying to people that Prince William is so often seen without his wedding ring.

And while Prince William may belong to a British institution that’s frequently seen as backwards and stuffy, his romance with Kate Middleton was anything but. It wasn’t the miserable pushing together of people that his parents Charles and Diana had suffered through – it was something new.

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