10 Of The Hottest Female Comedians

Stand-up comedy is nothing new, having its roots in medieval minstrel tradition, but historically it’s always been something of a boys’ club. Even though the mid-20th Century saw a rise in female comedians, there remained a stigma that pretty girls couldn’t be funny, and funny girls were never pretty. Luckily, those stereotypes have been demolished by a new generation of women who are hot and hilarious. Some of the comedians on this list played a part in leveling the field, and other have just started playing on it, but they’ve all got two things in common: humor and hotness.

Whitney Cummings

One of the most well-known ladies on this list, Whitney Cummings has long been lauded for both her movie-star beauty and her comedy chops. Her short-lived sitcom proved she’s a capable actress, but stand-up is undoubtedly where she belongs. Discussing topics primarily related to women and dating, she’s a voice for the modern woman.

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