Practical And Elegant Hairstyle Tutorial

You try time after time different hairstyles but most of the time you are not patient to style a new look. Anyway we are here to help you with ideas and beautiful hairstyles. The following hairstyle is practical and gorgeous. You need long hair to style it and just some elastic bands. First you need to straighten your hair , if you have curly or wavy hair and then make a ponytail on the top of your head . Make sure to tight it with an elastic band. Fix the half of your hair with another elastic band. In order to make it right you can bring your ponytail in front of your forehead. Start making a braid only on the second half of your ponytail and you need to fix it with a thin elastic band as shown on the third picture. Make a small chignon with the first half of your hair , the one that is unbraided and fix it with some bobby pins. In order to have a messy and voluminous plait and look, pull the strands as shown on the seventh picture. Spin your braid around the chignon and fix it with a lot of bobby pins. You may keep it classy and simple. But if you want to look trendy and rebellious, you can leave some strands of the braided hair on your forehead.

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