A Deadly Cobra Bit This Indonesian Pop Star While She Was Performing On Stage

Irma Bule, aged 29 could have never thought of witnessing the dreadful incident that happened to take her life in Karawang, West Java few days back. The Indonesian singer was performing a stage show where she stepped on the snake’s tail mistakenly in the mid of concert. She was not even aware of the deadly bite from one of the most venomous snake in the world – king cobra. She sang and danced close to an hour before rushing to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

This Indonesian singer was well-known for using reptiles in her various stage acts though they’re usually non-venomous pythons.  She was singing her second song of the night when this incident took place. The serpent then bit Irma on her thigh after which she was offered an antidote from the snake handler but she refused and later started vomiting on stage and suffered a seizure.

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